How To Get Free Stock Photos Using Google Images Search

Get Free Stock Photos Using Google Images Search: Photos are vital a part of any kind of presentation that you just wish to represent effectively to viewers. whether or not it’s a couple of serious business topic, your latest whole product, your college’s festival or the rest, you mostly embrace pictures as a result of they’re visually appealing. They invite additional viewers and supply elaborated info instantly while not creating viewers to read out extended text written alongside and additionally, place a powerful impression on them.

How To Get Free Stock Photos Using Google Images Search

Step 1 – First Go to Google Images using this link –

Step 2 – Now type what kind of photo you need, Click Enter and let normal Google Images search results appear.

Step 3 – Now Click the Setting Button available at the top.

Step 4 – Now navigate to “Advanced Search”.

Step 5 In the Google Advanced Image Search settings page, scroll down to the section Then narrow your results by and navigate to the bottom field of usage rights. Here you can choose license according to your requirements. The below option in the drop-down menu, more few search results. Now choose the ‘free to use or share, even commercially’ option as it fits for most of the people.


Step 6 – Now Click the “Advanced Search” button and images which appear will have “free to use or share even commercially” license.

Boom, Enjoy 😎

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