Best WinDirStat Alternatives

Best WinDirStat Alternatives: WinDirStat may be a Windows hard disk statistic teller that give the users with the system for checking the free accessible space within the hard disk and any chances of cleanup to accessible that free space. WinDirStat may be a Windows directory statistics platform that displays the disk usage, free space and any chances of cleanup. once users open the WinDirStat it displays the all internal situation of the disk sort of a tree wherever a user will see concerning the total data of disk using either it’s about free space or anything.

WinDirStat may be the best way to clean up free disk space as well. once for the primary time the user opens the WinDirStat thy get the detail concerning total storage space, disk used and free space accessible and therefore the chances of obtaining a lot of free space. WinDirStat is one amongst the simplest tools for the Windows package for obtaining the up to date information of the hard disks.

In this article we going share some best WinDirStat Alternatives


SpaceSniffer is a freeware and portable tool application that lets you understand how folders and files are structured on your disks. SpaceSniffer could be a disk space analyzer to check for the free space within the hard disk. the size of the hard disk used space and free on the market space is read from the naked eyes, however, most of the users don’t comprehend that there stay still a lot of free space that’s unnecessarily captured by the irrelevant files or that’s not properly being displayed by the hard disk.SpaceSniffer is an all portable application which means there’s no demand of installing the SpaceSniffer. simply download and run the SpaceSniffer to visualize for the chances of availableness of free space and easily get it back. create it clear that SpaceSniffer isn’t an application that detects the unwanted files. The system for cleaning unwanted file and obtaining the free space is another system. The approach of operating of SpaceSniffer is completely different from that. Most of the files within the system get a lot of installation space than the usual requirement. SpaceSniffer force these applications to seize the only required space and retrieve the additional space. SpaceSniffer even permits the users to filter the files per size and date yet and apply the collective filter.



WizTree is a sensible approach of locating those files and folders that are using the most of the drive space. WizTree scans the master file Table of the hard disk directly from the disk then present the users with all those shown and hidden files that are taking the excessive amount of space of the hard drives. it’s way to track all those files and folders with large size and then reconciling these with the particular space of those files to trace if there are issues with the particular disk storage space. the most highlighted options and functions of the WizTree are finds those files and folders that are holding an excessive amount of space, works very fast, finds the top thousand largest files within the system and sort the contents of the whole hard disk folder size and delete the all those files and folders to retrieve the free space. the method of working of WizTree is extremely simple and easy. It primarily scans the MFT file of the system and finds all those places that are capturing the space and your system is showing the message of no a lot of space for storing is out there. Moreover, it’ll never the remove the necessary files and folders from the WizTree.



Baobab is a disk analyzer to get the disk usage data within the graphical kind to observe the disk and drive usage and folder structure. The most area of functioning and features of the baobab are user will use it for full file system scanning to know about the every and each corner of the files and folders and might monitor the performance of one file and folder additionally.baobab is one in every of the simplest disk manager and disk usage monitors to get back the free space. the method of obtaining back the free space starts from a simple scanning that’s out there in 2 options; full file system scan and single folder scan. Full file scan system is for scanning the big partitions of the system to see for the supply of free space and getting it back if possible. Then there’s single folder scan that permits the users to scan for every and each file and folder. once scanning, the data and reports are generated by the baobab within the shape of graphs for an easy review of the inner structure of the hard drive. The users on their own will get the file system detail of a selected directory additionally.



JDiskReport is a disk analyzer and disk management tool to get the information regarding every and each a part of the hard disk in a very graphical method. JDiskReport offers the users with the file size of every and each sort. Whenever you’ll scan a selected partition or the whole fixed disk, you’ll get back the detail of space held by every and each file sort like how many spaces are held by the games, what number is by the common files, how many by the movie maker and likewise by the other programs. instead of automatically providing the system of getting back the free space, JDiskReport allows the users to manually select detecting the free space by viewing the size captured by every file and folder within the system. In that’s method, it becomes the feverish task for the users to induce back the free house as a result of they’re going to be manually needed to go for analyzing all elements. rather than providing the system for obtaining back the free space, JDiskReport enables the users to induce a read of the area the directories and files consume on the disk drives and lets the users to simply get eliminate the obsolete files and folders.



TreeSize is a faster disk space management platform to work out the free space and also the potentialities of obtaining back the free space accessible within the hard disks. TreeSize could be unengaged to use application for exploring and clean up the free space so as to induce a lot of management on the drive and disk spaces. The advanced disk analyzing system of TreeSize give the users with the options and systems of finding the free spaces and stop working the hard drives among few hits, monitor the free area all the time even on the smartphone similarly, a fast summary of file data and even the disk management similarly. the two main sections of TreeSize are context menu and explorer-like system. Context menu permits the users to induce the dimensions of every file and folder whereas exploring like system gives the system of even viewing within the subfolders similarly. additionally, to viewing and exploring the one files and folders, giant folders is simply read and determine by victimization the TreeSize.


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