Best Love Status Ever For WhatsApp in English

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Best Love Status Ever

Best Love Status Ever

  • Love in life, make life beautiful.
  • “Every moment I spent with you … is the same as a beautiful dream.”
  • “I want to be in my arms, where you keep me tight and never let me go.”
  • On that day you will feel very bad for your loved ones, even on that day you will feel very beautiful! ( lovely status )
  • They say that love happens once. But when I see it..I have every time.
  • “I do not like to wait, I am very impatient. But until I end with you, I will always wait. “
  • The picture on my heart’s wall is yours, and you are in control of my fate!
  • You Are What I Need In My Life…
  • My smile then comes out when I am with you!
  • You are the reason that I smile, I love, I breathe, I live.
  • “Love me for a second and I love you forever. “
  • Love is like a breeze .. we can not see it! We can feel it…
  • Love is that which can’t see the Religious, Caste.
  • Love is Just Love, It Can ne’er Be explained. ( best love status )
  • If I Know What Is Love, It Is Because Of You
  • Even On Bad Days, I will Still Be Happy With You…
  • Love is that thing which makes you smile when you’re tired!
  • I do not believe in losing my heart .. I do not believe it
  • Love when You are Ready, Not u Are Lonely..
  • A heart that loves, stays always young.
  • My “Heart” is always Ur.
  • I will always love U…no matter what happens.
  • I’ll Never forget the first time when I saw you…
  • You Are The Perfect Combination Of Cute & Sexy.
  • Life is very beautiful, everyone used to say, on the day you saw it, you got convinced! . ( Love Status for Whatsapp )
  • “Can I take a kiss? I promise that I will give it back. “
  • Love is cute when it is new…but love is most beautiful when it last…
  • Love is that which can’t see the Religious, Caste, Rich, Poor in life…
  • When I wake up in the morning, I want to see u in front of my eyes ..
  • Love ur world which makes love beautiful.
  • Love Has No age No limit & No death…..
  • My heart is perfect because… U are inside.
  • The easiest way to receive love is to give love.
  • Love is that which can’t see the Rich and Poor…
  • I want you for the rest of my life.
  • There’s only One thing 2 do Three words For you – I Love You.
  • U can push them away… but people who really love U will always choose to stay. ( Whatsapp Status Love )

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