9 Best Free Backlink Checker Tool Sites

Best Free Backlink Checker Tool Sites: When a webpage links to the other page, it’s known as a backlink. Backlinks are incoming links to a website, web page, or net directory. within the past, backlinks were the foremost metric for the ranking of a webpage. A page with loads of backlinks attended rank higher on all major search engines, together with Google. This is often still faithful to an oversized extent. backlink one in every of the foremost used words within the world of search engine optimization (SEO).

Backlinks are particularly valuable for SEO because they represent a “vote of confidence” from one website to a different. Search engines usually use the number of backlinks that a website has collectively of the foremost necessary factors for determining that website’s search engine ranking, quality and importance.

In below I going to share some best free backlink checker tool sites.

9 Best Free Backlink Checker Tool Sites

1.SmallSeoTools-Backlink Checker

2.Backlink Watch-Backlink Checker

3.Moz-Backlink Checker

4.SEO Review Tools -Backlink Checker

5.LXR Marketplace-Backlink Checker

6.Monitor Backlinks-Backlink Checker

7.The Hoth-Backlink Checker

8.Linkody-Backlink Checker

9.WebMeUp-Backlink Checker

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