17 cool websites you did not know in existence

17 cool websites you did not know in existence: You did not know before in existence! According to Google, there are almost more than 1 billion websites in the Internet world, and this report is based only on evaluation from September 2015, which means that it is now expected that it has been passed by us. Well, in these huge amounts of websites, we once gather some surprisingly useful.

1. myfonts.com

myfonts.com Another useful website, the statistics show, when you upload a picture of the font what happens. For example, once you are on the site, you can click on the “What Font” drop-down menu and select “Font What”. And there you are. Now just upload an image that has a font, which you want to know! Now click on continue, and you will reach the character selection phase, then just scroll down a bit and press Continue again. And here you have searched for special font names and details will see results! So hopefully this site will definitely be another user.

2. camelcamelcamel.com

camelcamelcamel.com This is one of the most useful sites I have ever encountered as an online shopkeeper. Online shopkeepers, especially considering the other elite as well as my own, this site is a wonderful place. Because it will show you the price, history shows anything on Amazon and alert you when prices fall. You can also upload your entire Amazon Wishlist directly to the site. Which will definitely give you more offers to buy your favorite products, because now you know when the wish list is ever available at the lowest price on your product. Apart from this, you can find here with random Amazon, by analyzing product links, keywords, and graphs, you knew your history of pricing. hence you can almost predict, if the value of a particular product falls in the near future, depending on the observation you have made. They also have their own categories of menus, like top price drops, popular products and much more. So hopefully this site will definitely be a boon for you. I firmly recommend it to Amazon customers. Because I know how much worth the online shopkeeper is.

3. canistream.it

Canistream.it is a website offering unique service, that you can be dreamed of! Once you choose a movie, it will help you to find out where you can stream it with your easy tool. Just search for the movie name you’ve chosen, and choose it from the result, and It will show you that all the potential services are currently streaming special film. You can get a direct link to streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu to Play Store. If the movie you searched for came The legendary available platform for streaming on the reputed platform, it will appear here!

4. etymonline.com

etymonline.com is a very useful etymology online dictionary. Unlink the regular etymology dictionary, it has changed the whole history within seconds, it will help you to find the meaning of any word and the way in which they can find their meaning. I mean you do not have to go through, some painful regular book is slipping to find something, instead, it will show you results, as we are in a web search.

5. Math.com

Math.com  is another useful website that solves basic mathematics to chemical equations, any kind of problems of mathematics. Not recommended for school fraud because it is really important to know mathematics when you do not have internet access to visit this site. In addition, you do not get the steps to solve the equation until you upgrade your account. But yes, without saying it two upgrades, it is absolutely worth it. But if you really want to know how it has been solved, it is worth the upgrade!

6. timeanddate.com

timeanddate.com If you really want to find out how many days, months and years were passed between two dates, fast and without any calculation. Visit this site, it can provide you with the correct answer to your quire, without any hesitation. Simply select the two dates you want, and it will show you how many days, months and years have passed between them.

7. agoodmovietowatch.com

Are you trying all your Netflix time to find out which movie to watch? Problem solved! Go to Agoodmovietowatch.com and choose your movie. They have got all the special categories and much more. Which you will never find on regular Netflix So you can pick pinpoint accuracy movie, which matches your mood and interest correctly and watch that movie on Netflix. As a not flicker, this appears to be a big deal for me, hope you know what I mean.

8. isitdownrightnow

Too much self-explanation But I have to say a little, for those who do not get it. This is “very down website for everyone or just isitdownrightnow.com “. But I found that it looks a more beautiful and simple UI. Ok if you are not familiar with these types of services let me tell you a little thing When you go online, you can experience some sites that are not loaded. Even if you have tried to reload it several times, it will not be visible. Or it will give you an awkward message, like “server not found”, “server is not responding” and similarly, and there are many different reasons for this problem. Well, in that case, we call it a server failure or server down!

But we can not always assume that this is a server failure, because you can experience if your brow or network device is getting spoiled, the same problem. So, in that case, you can use this site to learn it, if it really is down to everyone, or just you, or in other words, it is down now? So you have encountered problems with searching URLs, and it will communicate with a web server, and let’s know about the problem. You can take the necessary action, or at least know what’s going on.

9. HackerTyper

Type HackerTyper like a hacker from this website in your computer. Open this website in your browser and press Keyboard randomly key. And change it in, they main-stroke, in some hacking codes, for every time, when you press a random key, and I can compare this viewing experience like a traditional hi-fi movie scene hacking! And you can press the ‘alt’ button to see the ultimate hacking massaging, “allow to enter”

10. Map.norsecorp.com

Map.norsecorp.com This site will run to you; See live hacking attack maps on your computer screen. Crazy sound, right! But yes! This is a kind of truth. I never know or not, it shows you, some CIA-level content. But I think it’s the situation in the list because it’s easy to cool down!

11. Youtube.com/TV

Youtube.com/TV You probably know about it already, but I mention it in the list, anyway. Because I liked it! Get the clean interface Youtube on your PC without any kind of distortion. You can control this website only if you insist on using your keyboard. Because this is a TV adapted version of YouTube. And if you are looking at it for the first time, I suggest you definitely have a try. And you can like it.

12. GTMetrix

GTMetrix, check any website from the speed and performance GTMTrix. From this analysis website you can check why your website is slow and how you can make your website supercharge. To know what you can expect from this analysis report. Please check this report, We have just tested this with our own website. If you are a web developer or even just an enthusiast, this site will definitely be useful for you.

13. Kickassapp.com

Kickassapp deletes any website, with this website. It’s just a mischief, but it’s fun! Open this website on your PC and drag this red button into your bookmarks bar.

Now open any website and click the Bookmarks button and the keyboard arrows and space buttons using any website you can easily delete.

This is a spaceship,

And you can use the space key

Shoot elements of the site.

And the left and right arrow keys will let you control the directional movement, while the up and down arrow keys will play as accelerator and brake! And what to say is very fun to destroy some of the dirtiest famous websites, so love YouTube, just joking! 😉 If you have some free time, definitely go ahead and try it I hope you like it!

14. LiveATC.Net

LiveATC.Net provides live air traffic control, sort for ATC. From the transmission air traffic control towers and radar facilities worldwide.
So if you are interested to learn something about this kind of things!
This is definitely another cool site.

15. Archive.org

With the help of Archive.org, you can see the history of your way back machine

However, some countries may not be available in Archive.org or blocked by your ISP.

So go here, and check the history. You want any site, and if you are thinking, how I reached the site, even when it is blocking in my country please check this video! And you will know the secret to reach any blocked website for free, in the case of seconds.

16. apps.evozi.com

apps.evozi.com This site will allow you to download the official Android app directly into your PC.

  • Just copy the package name
    Or Google play app URL,
  • The app to download in the box once you click the paste URL, ‘Generate’
  • Download Link ‘button, and then you have to
  • Click on it
  • Green button
  • And you’ll see the app file,
    The download will be done on your computer.

17. 1OMinutemail

1OMinutemail This is the site, the e-mail service is disposable to hit spam.
Or rather we can say this is a temporary email service, which lasts only 10 minutes, from the moment you visited the site.

If you do not want to enter your real email ID for any reason, this site will help you. Go to the site and generate it randomly, email it for whatever purpose! And you can wait to receive whatever matches you until this countdown will stop. And the Inbox message will appear here on this empty part.

As we have said that it will help you to take a step forward to avoid spam. And if you want to use this service again, just reload the webpage.

And it is our choice for the 17 most amazing websites you did not know in existence!

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